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Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005, 10:00 am
Oh yeah...

I forgot...last week was a cool week!

I dressed up as a slutty french maid for Nicole & Loren's Halloween party. I had fun. I wish I hadn't been so tired though :(

Then the night before Halloween I went with my Dad to a concert. It was Judas Priest with Anthrax & Rob Zombie. It was pretty fun. We had pretty shitty seats at first, but we saw some seats down below in the cool guy section, so we snuck down & hung out. They were good seats, so it made it enjoyable. It was crazy there was like some 12 year old kid out in the mosh pit just dancing around with these big crazy dudes during Anthrax. Wild stuff. I think I enjoyed Rob Zombie the most. This was the 2nd time I saw him live. The 1st time was a few years ago w/KoRn at the Blocknuster Pavillion. He's good live - sounds pretty close to his records.

Tue, Nov. 8th, 2005, 09:56 am
Shedding Pounds...

Wow...I was just looking at some pictures of me from the past couple of years and man - I looked really bad. I can't believe my poor horse toted around my fat ass at such high speeds! I haven't shown my horse since state show which is when I started my diet.

At my heaviest point I was 190ish lbs. Before I went to state show I weighed myself & I was at 185 and now today I am at 155. Holy moly - 30 lbs!!!

I haven't been starving myself. God Ryan knows I eat. But I eat to be satisfied not full & about to puke. And I was jogging quite a bit. I need to get back into that & doing some crunches. I don't really want to loose more weight neccessarily, but I dont want to flatten out my stomach. So I need to get to it! *cracks whip*

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 10:33 am
It sure has been a long time.

Well, not a whole lot has been going on lately. I did get another truck. Its a black 2001 Dodge Ram. All power and fully equipped, I like it.

Just had a little drama last night. Ryan's parents are in Italy until this Saturday and so I have been staying at the house with him. Well last night Ryan's brother comes over. I was on the phone so I waved at him. Then he turns to Ryan and starts asking him "Is she always on the phone over here?" & he turns and tells me I should go get my own phone. First of all, I have a phone, the reception is shitty so once in a great while, I will use their house phone to make a call. A week ago or so he had came over and that happened to be one of the other rare occassions where I used the house phone - so apparently he thinks I come over just to use the phone or something. Second of all - I am not calling long distance, nobody is expecting any calls and he doesn't pay the phone bill - so it really isn't any of his business whether or not I am on the phone. But because it's his dad's house I guess he thinks he is entitled to try & start stuff.

Honestly, I dont much care for him. I don't love him nor do I hate him. I tolerate him. He is very schovanistic and talks down to women all of the time. To be honest, I dont even think I know one good thing he has ever done.

So I got off of the phone because I wasn't just going to sit there while he was talking crap about me. So I asked him what his deal was. And he goes on to say about how he is just looking out for me and blah blah blah. Then he says that the last time he was over I was just lounging all over the couch while I was on the phone. And then goes on and he says "I don't know how you were raised, but..." As soon as I heard that my ears turned off, I got up, got my keys and jumped in my truck. I definately was not going to sit there and take his shit while he is degrading me and they way I was raised. He doesn't even know me. But his problem is he doesnt think before he shoots his mouth off. Even Ryan will tell you that.

I decided to go to Nicole's house since it was close by. So I went over to their place and lucky them they had their own things going on. But they let me hang out for a while. I got the clothes from Nicole. I was really excited. Almost everything fit me, so now I have pants that fit and dont fall off if I wiggle my hips, lol.

So all in all, I am going good. I have lost a total of 28 lbs so far. I am at 159ish and I am shooting for 150-155 before I go to Indiana in November. So wish me luck!

Man, I have that song from Josh Gracin stuck in my head. It's such a good song and he is such a good singer. YOu should check it out!

Mon, Oct. 3rd, 2005, 07:15 am
Wow, time sure does fly.

Well, yesterday our 1 year anniversary. Crazy! I can't believe it has already been a year. It feels like I just met him. We did the dinner thing. It was nice. We went to the Elephant Bar. I really like that place, everything I have ever ordered there is sooooo good!

I'm tired this morning. I had a long weekend. Went to the BI friday & saturday night and didn't get home until like 2:30 a.m. And on saturday I woke up at 6:30 to go pick up a horse in the boondocks. First time pulling a trailer with my new truck. I got stuck on a 1 lane dirt road going up a hill that was pretty steep. I got all freaked out. Not only did I have to back my truck and trailer down a hill, but it was steep, it was dirt and that road was not wide at all. I almost gave myself another panic attack - I had to stop and relax for a second. I got that flushed over whlemed feeling like when I passed out. But I made it down - slowly but surely. Made me wish I had spent more time practicing back a trailer up. Better luck next time.

Other than that little ordeal, I had a pretty good weekend.

Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 09:03 am
Birthday Festivities...

Hey kids...it's my birthday this Sunday. On Firday I am going to the B.I. to celebrate. So you should be there or be square. I would say I will be going around 8ish...if you have any questions, give me a call!

Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005, 08:24 am
Why can't things go right for me?

Well, once again I am hit with a bunch of crap. I am not surprised. I should have noticed the signs - things we're going well for me.

Well, I am without a truck again. I am mad because the people at the dealer and being a bunch of ass hats. And this isn't a small shady dealer, this is a big time car dealer and their not handling their shit right.

I had to go in there on tuesday to re-sign a contract because of the financing stuff. When I went in I told 2 people that the brakes were sounding pretty squeeky. So I was told go talk to this guy and this guy sent me to another guy and so on. So I went to the salesman who sold me the truck and told him to come and hear them real quick so I could say someone heard them and he was like "Oh, I'm about to do a sale here, so I can't so I told him just to wait outsdie the door and I would drive by and he could hear them. So I drove up and the bastard left and went inside. He totally blew me off.

So I spent all day wednesday calling this guy and leaving messages and no call back.

So then I am driving to work yesterday morning. It's a little after 5 am, still dark. I got off the 15 fwy in Norco - stopped at a light. When I put on the gas to go I was flooring it and the truck wasn't going anywhere - it just made a reving up noise. So I pushed on the has again and it stalled out. So I'm freaking out and I pull over to the side of the road. Turned the car off, waited a sec and started it up again and drove to work since its like 2 blocks away.

So I call the dealer and finally get someone on the phone. He was totally dicking me around and I have a warranty ont his car and he's try to play it off like I dont and make the tow truck come out of my pocket. So I get the truck towed and go to the dealer and their supposed to get me a rental car. So I go to the rental place and the dude is filling out forms and he looks at my ID and says "Oh, your not 21" DUHHHHH! I could have told him that. So he says he cant rent me a car because Im under 21. So he tells me to call someone over 21. So I call my sister and she comes out and bitches the people out. So she is supposed to take the rental and I am supposed to take her car. But she has a stick and I am not good at stick & I wasnt covered on her insurance. So we drove off to a restraunt and traded cars, so I have the rental even though Im not supposed to. So my sister says is they keep my car longer than today that she wants me to get a rental from another place because they will rent to me being under 21 BUT they charge a $10 a day fee because of my age - which the dealer doesnt want to pay, they are trying to make me pay it even though my warranty is supposed to cover rentals. So basically they are trying to fuck me in the ass hard without lube and are expecting me to like it - but man it feels like SHIT.

Tue, Sep. 6th, 2005, 06:59 am
Buyers Remorse?

Well, I finally got what I wanted. A white Dodge Ram Truck. As long as I can remember wanting a truck, that's what I have wanted. And I finally got it! But I am feeling buyers remorse now. And it's weird because I'm not feeling the remorse because of the item I actually purchsed but instead from what I sold to get the truck.

I bought a jeep from my friend's mom a couple of weeks ago and then when I found this truck, I decided to sell it since I can't afford to have more than one vehicle. I guess she had people call her about the jeep to buy it, but she never said anything to me except for when her nephew wanted to buy it and that's when I had bought it. I didn't buy the jeep with intention to re-sell it. I bought it because I was in desperate need of a vehicle otherwise I would have had no other way to get to and from work and I had the money for it, so I bought it. Which I am very appreciative of Debbie for helping me out because I was in desperate need and she was the only who would/could help me.

So I did not in any way sell the jeep because I wanted to make her upset or pissed off, or just in spite of her or anything like that. And I also didn't mean to have Nicole get in the middle of this and get yelled at by her mom, I know she doesn't enjoy so it isn't anything I would wish upon her. I just did it because I needed the money for the truck.

I wish I had enough money to have 2 cars but let's face it - I am a 19 (soon to be 20) year old that's has a mediocre paying job who also happens to own horses, so I don't exactly have money flying out of my ears.

Kinda sucks because when situations make me upset, I start to feeling kinda sick, so I'm not feeling too hot right now. I just hope that there are no hard feelings here - I don't want this to change anything with anyone. I sure as hell don't want anyone despising me or mad at me or anything to that effect.

Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 08:15 am
Oh you know

Well this weekend I started reading the Satanic Bible. No, I'm not Satanic, I just felt like reading it. It's a lot different than I had expected. It's not all about worshipping the devil and killing people. It basically describes your every day average American. According to this book - a satanist is someone who anjoys having sex, being ahead in life, having nice things, people who wish they have what others have and are jealous, people who lust after another person, etc. These are the things that are considered "sinful" according to the Bible, but yet it is how most people are. There's a part in there that talks about how most people commit the same sin over and over but yet pray or confess to these sins and keep commiting them, but since the christianity faith allows you to be "forgiven" this keeps going and going. Funny. So far it has been pretty interesting. You might try reading it sometime. Especially you religious folks - might open your eyes a little.

On another note...this friday is Ryan and I's 11th month anniversary. CRAZY!!!! Almost a year!

Thu, Aug. 25th, 2005, 02:51 pm
Anyone wanna go with me?

This weekend is the Norco Mounted Posse Rodeo. It starts tomorrow night and goes on through Sunday. Anyone wanna go with me??? Rodeos are fun, so you should go with me....

Mon, Aug. 22nd, 2005, 10:46 am

Hey does anyone else remember the site kiwibox.com? I don't really expect any of the guys to remember it, it is more of a girl thing really. But I just stumbled back upon it recently and I forgot they had cool games, so I have been visiting it lately a little. You should check it out.

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